Product Overview

Firewood Processors

Pile up firewood fast, increase production and reduce labor with Multitek's high performance firewood processor with the fastest cycle time in the industry. With a patented shuttle grapple for crooked logs, Multitek is a worldwide pioneer of multiple, adjustable one-operator splitting processors.

Grapples & Attachments

You can always depend on the rugged reliability of any Multitek quality attachments. Powerful hydraulic cylinders drive the heavy-duty pivoting clamps over tapered, forged forks and tines, giving you the necessary gripping power to do the job.

Multiscreen Systems and Conveyors

Multitek's Multiscreen's compost and soil screening products have a patented trommel system that yields desirable results in high-moisture situations with a higher production rate and fewer rejects in one pass.

Wheel Crusher and Recycler

Put the squeeze on tire recycling by crushing and recycling your scrap tires. Squeeze more profit from your tire piles by crushing wheels and cleaning up your yard. Crushing will increase yard space and reduce unsightly tire piles.

Yardhand Recycling Conveyor

Multitek offers rugged mobile stacking discharge conveyors with tubular steel undercarriage, an operator-controlled hydraulic lift and hydraulic drives with quick connection to an auxiliary hydraulic power source.

Hydraulic Core Splitter

Hydraulic Core Splitter is a powerful tool for assisting mineral exploration companies with splitting and analyzing drill core rock samples taken from deep within the earth's surface.

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